What makes Great Teaching – a report from the Sutton Trust.

The highlights nicely summarised with a link to the report.

The latest report from the Sutton Trust is a review of the research into what makes good teaching. Created for an international summit in Washington about teaching, the document summarises research into effective teaching methods and also looks closely at how we can continue to improve teacher effectiveness in schools.

One of the most interesting things was how it was reported in the national press – the headline in the TES was “The Seven Deadly Sins of Teaching’ – the focus being on what the report suggest we should not do in the classroom. And of course this isn’t necessarily true – what the Sutton Trust report says is that there is little evidence for the effectiveness of these things. It seems to me that such negative reporting also doesn’t help us to focus on what we can do to improve our own teaching in the classroom.

So here are the six things…

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