Responding to marking

Some useful ideas about how pupils can respond to marking. Download the poster!

Teaching Essentials

Marking, like death and taxes it’s inevitable for teachers.

It seems like, from what I’ve seen and read, that every school has a different approach to how their teachers mark and what the school expects from marking.

The basics of what we expect from all schools must be:

1. There is some corrections or recognition of mistakes by the pupils in their work.

2. A comment is left by the teacher, mostly a positive one.

That, to me, is the core of it. I could talk at length now about how to mark and how Ofsted don’t expect loads of unnecessary dialogue, but that’s been blogged about by a few people. If you want that information please have a look at David Didau’s excellent blog post here.

What I want to focus on in this post is what happens after you’ve marked the books. What do you expect your…

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