Empowering pupils to improve their school

Great example of pupil voice ‘Chofsted’ at this school.

Key insights

sam-green-business-developmentI visited Mayflower Community Academy in Plymouth recently for what I expected to be a straight-forward meeting with headteacher David Sammels. However, I could tell from the off that this energetic headteacher was keen to give me the full ‘Mayflower experience’.

At the end of our meeting, David suggested that we go for a walk around the school. As we explored the site I was struck by three things:

Every classroom exuded the expertise of the teaching staff, from the carefully planned layout, to the engaging display boards, to the varied and exciting lessons I saw in progress.

Each pupil we encountered wanted to share something about their day with us. From the boy returning to the support centre proudly showing me his fireman’s outfit, to the year 4 students who needed Mr Sammels to arbitrate their playground dispute, I was impressed by the friendly and open nature of this…

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