Should sex and relationship education be compulsory in all schools?

Key insights

View all posts by FernSex and relationship education (SRE) is only compulsory in maintained schools, and parents have the right to withdraw their children from aspects of the subject that aren’t covered in the science curriculum.

The Key surveyed its members in October 2014 to learn more about their views on safeguarding in their schools. 41% of school leaders who responded believe SRE should start in Key Stage 1 and 50% believe it should start in Key Stage 2.

In a recent staff seminar at The Key we debated whether SRE should be compulsory in all schools, with no right to opt out. Here I have summarised some of the arguments that were put forward on each side.


quote-startParents may prefer SRE to be introduced by professionals in an educational context, as some feel unprepared or embarrassed to talk to their own children about this topic.quote-endquote-startParents don’t have a right to remove their child from…

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