British values? Universal values in an Islamic school

Should faith schools exist? Thoughts?!

Key insights

From the frontline - purpleZafar AliZafar Ali is the chair of governors at IQRA Primary School in Slough. It’s a voluntary-aided Islamic primary school and was established in 2008. In our first ‘From the frontline’ post, Zafar talks to us about his past and the experiences that encouraged him to take up the challenge of creating the school. He reflects on the struggles the school faced, and on how being bold has reaped rewards. 

quote-startI have often been asked why I supported the creation of an Islamic faith school. People forget that before asking this question, they should really reflect on whether any faith schools should exist. Since they do exist, and since the Equality Act 2010 protects all faiths that meet its definitions, including Islam, objections to faith schools that are not Christian in character are not valid because they are not consistent. Either we have faith schools for all recognised faiths, or…

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