School’s out for summer, school’s out forever

A lovely article! Best wishes on your well-deserved retirement Mrs Lifford!

Key insights

thumbI wonder what it feels like leaving the classroom after 30 years?

I only managed two and a half years as an English teacher on the TeachFirst programme before deciding to move to The Key!

But my mum, Margaret Lifford, has taught in primary and secondary education for over 30 years. She left the classroom last week, along with many others nationwide, to start her much deserved retirement. She has been a teacher for 24 years at St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, an ‘outstanding school’ in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside.

She is a local celebrity in our town, and people come up to say hello and have a good chat in the supermarket or at the Dragon and Phoenix!

My mum at her leaving service at St Peter's Church. My mum at her leaving service at St Peter’s Church, Newton-le-Willows.

The children also love her. At her leaving service in church last week, she received a letter of thanks from every…

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The “WHY” Guide to #Edchat topics

Keep up-to-date on the ‘Ed Models’ we are all chatting about. A nice succinct read – links for more info included.


Although many educational models and pedagogies can seem like a conveyer belt of fads sometimes, many of them at least focus on one or two key educational concerns. Regardless of whether you think it a passing fad, many of them have an aim that you should know about and be considering as a teacher in the 21st Century. I must admit though, as busy teachers, it is understandable that to fully implement a number of them is unrealistic. So here’s my summary of the key take-aways from each model that you should aim to implement in your teaching. (Click for larger version)

The WHY Guide to edChat


OLD FLIPPEDIt’s not about lessons becoming homework. Flipped teaching solves all of the traditional complaints teachers have when teaching traditionally (Chalk & talk), such as:

  • I don’t have enough face-to-face and/or practical time in the classroom
  • I struggle to get through all the content
  • Students just don’t…

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