#teacher5aday summer updates

20 years a teacher

It seems like a very long time since the #teacher5aday movement was launched at the SSAT national conference Teachmeet in December of 2014. I hope the teachers who started looking after their own well-being in the original #wellbeingsuperhero posts are still on track and more will be inspired to join in now as we approach a new year.

Listed below are a collection of #teacher5aday term 2 updates. All have great messages of perseverance and resilience. Hopefully more will be added soon.


Keep your eyes peeled for new #teacher5aday ideas as we approach the new term following in the footsteps of #21daysjuly http://staffrm.io/@byusuf/IK1CxgaQUT. Daily challenges to keep you focused on your wellbeing like these http://staffrm.io/@byusuf/lJTw0GXpgy .

The #teacher5adayread and #teacher5daycook summer hash tags are also worth a look and finally If you’ve been inspired how about organising a week of wellbeing events like these https://kaslangmead.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/staff-wellbeing-week/?

Life after two…

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Learning is vulnerable, community needed #edreform

Is this what reformers be focusing on. Community?
Blog ends with a nice quote… “We can’t begin with what we are, we have to know who we are.”


Community is important. I would argue the MOST important. And yet, when reformers talk about how to make education better, community never even enters the conversation. Standards (to make us equitable), testing (to make sure we are hitting the mark), technology (will solve all of our problems!), rigor (because, don’t we all want to describe […]


Conceptual ideas on school leadership – a video library.

http://headguruteacher.com wrote…
In a previous post, I highlighted some key contemporary educational ideas for all teachers that can be accessed via youtube. Here I’ve put together a collection of videos from some key thinkers on educational leadership.  Each one is worth watching; there’s a lot to take in. Michael Fullan: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact. (see […]