Share Advice For Trainees and New Teachers on the Starter For Five Blog

Can’t we have one meeting that doesn’t end with us digging up a corpse? Mayor Quimby, the Simpsons. I think my equivalent to Mayor Quimby’s question would be: “Can’t we have one discussion on Twitter that doesn’t end up with me setting up a new blog?”. Last night I attempted to start a conversation about […]

Autumn’s top 10 posts on Key insights

10. Confidence, respect, teamwork, discipline and enjoyment: core values on and off the rugby pitch by Andy O’Rourke, The Key “Regardless of whether your school has a rugby team or not, I hope you can take away one idea from reading this. Each time our nation gets behind one of these sport spectacles, the legacy has to trickle down […]

Power of collaboration via                                       Time is Gold for Teachers

Hey teacher, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more time to do things properly? Teachers around the world are expected to somehow fit professional growth in-between planning, teaching, marking and parent communication, and so I understand why many don’t get round to much professional development or reading. So it was especially exciting for me […]

The role of teaching assistants

The 15 minute forum tonight was led by our SENCO, Carole Marsh. Assumptions about the effectiveness of teaching assistants Until recently there has been very little research on the impact of TAs.  Traditional deployment has been based on 2 untested assumptions … Support from TAs leads to positive outcomes for students … particularly low attaining […]

Free mastery maths resources from White Rose Maths Hub

Carlsberg don’t make teaching schools, but if they did, I’m beginning to suspect that Trinity Academy in Halifax is what they’d come up with. Back in May at a conference I heard vice principal, Tony Staneff, explaining their mastery-led assessment system and I was impressed. Today I have received from the Maths Hub at the […]

#PedagooHampshire Differentiated CPD? – It’s the future! I’ve tasted it! By David Brown @surreyteachmeet

Have you ever been forced to sit through a whole day training session on an area of teaching you consider to be one of your strengths? Has a trainer visited your school to say that you should be teaching in a style that really wouldn’t work for you? Did you go to the same Teachmeet […]