Via @MichaelT1979 #edubookchatuk 40 Books & Films for KS2

This is an idea stolen entirely from my better half – @TemplarWilson. For the past few years I have eschewed the carousel method of Guided Reading in favour of whole-class teaching, based on the ideas she set out in her post over the Mrs P Teach’s blog: Our Solutions to the Problems with Guided Reading. […]


EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION… Softly-spoken, twinkly-eyed and with a deep-rooted passion for education, Robin Warren has been headteacher of Primrose Hill Primary School since April 2015. His school, housed in the magnificent Victorian building on Princess Road, is the alma mater of local lads Boris Johnson and David and Ed Miliband, and today serves a broad […]

Modelling Good Speech. Let’s talk properly.

We’re building momentum in our drive to make the art of rhetoric a cornerstone of our approach to teaching and learning.  One aspect of that is a strategy to address common issues with student speech.  I think we need to be very explicit about the quality of speech we’re aiming for and not allow ourselves […]