School management – the Downton Abbey way

This festive season marks the end of an era – the Edwardian era! On Christmas Day, after all the turkey, stuffing and sprouts, the last episode of Downton Abbey will air. For many fans, Downton Abbey is pure escapism into a lost world of romance, fashion and dry British wit. However, as the series has progressed, I’ve […]

Pupil wellbeing – what can we learn from The Hunger Games?*

As the end of the year approaches, and cinemas are chock full of the latest blockbusters, there’s one film that has left me thinking about the current state of pupil wellbeing. Admittedly, the futuristic dystopia of The Hunger Games may not immediately seem akin to the school playground (though the scrum for chips on Friday […]

Think Hard

We are talking a great deal about the importance of high expectations, challenge for all and effort, at our school at the moment.  Rather than thinking about them in isolation though, we should probably be considering them as being very much interlinked.  We want to have high expectations of our students, and for them to have […]