Resurrecting the Blog! @ottleyoconnor @MartynReah

I haven’t blogged for quite a while – which is sad – because I loved to blog. My problem is that I get so involved with my work – or I should say my passion – that it literally takes over my life. It’s a bit like reading a really good book, that is so enthralling and captivating, you can’t put it down. And, when you do – because you need to eat – the essence of the book permeates into all aspects of your life. Clearly, the connotations are both positive and negative. I love my work and am self-motivated and driven; but find it difficult to flip the off-switch! My family would say that this is an area that definitely ‘requires improvement!’ 

So, back to blogging! Firstly, thanks to @ottleyoconnor who wrote his first blog ‘To blog or not to blog?’ Whilst I really enjoyed reading it – I was reminded that I haven’t just put blogging on the back burner – it’s currently in cold storage. As are many of my previous blogs. Power off!
Why? I could say that I haven’t had time – that I’m consumed (anyone involved in the business of school improvement generally is). Whilst, this is a huge part of the ‘why’ – it’s not the whole.
For me blogging is about being able to express/share thoughts and opinions – just as I am now. Some blogs are more akin to a literary/research paper and some come straight from the heart (always my favourite). Some are just ramblings… And why not?! What they all have in common is that once shared, they are released into the public forum, the blogosphere!

However, my values, thoughts and opinions, of which I have many… At times, may not have/or will not always be in complete alignment/or reflect wholly the values, thoughts and opinions of my employers. Fortunately, I like to think we’re on the same page – but it’s an important point for all ‘would-be’ bloggers to consider/reflect upon before taking the plunge. I’d recommend reading the article below.

Work Blogger, Beware by John Rossheim

Why this blog then? What’s the message? So what?! Well, I could say it’s about making time to do the things you enjoy and that this is part of my #teacher5aday (thanks @MartynReah). Or, it’s a kind of ‘beware before you blog’ message. The reality is – it’s just me – dipping my toe back into the water, checking the temperature – whilst I take some more time to figure out how/when I will seriously journal my values, thoughts and opinions.
Until then…

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