Pedagogical Magic #21stcentury learning

I think I can say with some confidence – that the quality of classroom teaching has the most IMPACT on raising achievement for ALL students. Whilst I realise I’m stating the ‘blindingly’ obvious – how much time is actually given in school for teachers to develop their practice? A question posed in a recent blog by Richard Wells entitled ‘Hey Teacher! What’s your PD Ratio.’ [Follow Richard on Twitter @EDUWELLS]

How much PD is personalised to individual teachers? What constitutes great PD in this modern world? Can you develop pedagogical magic? 


There’s been some great debates raging on Twitter for quite some time now. The use of technology in education; traditionalist/progressive/contemporary pedagogy and so on. Great to follow and whilst at times quite provocative, the varying arguments ‘for and against’ certainly prompts much food for thought! However, this quote from a publication I was reading recently ‘Understanding Virtual Pedagogies for Contemporary Teaching & Learning’ really struck a chord.  

‘We will surely look back in years to come and wonder how we ever believed the learning environments for young people at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century should not have been truly technology-rich.’ [Richard Olsen]

The following paragraph is taken from the IdeasLab website…

‘So much of our focus on our use of technology has played to what is known, rather than what is not. How can we possibly escape the grasp of a traditional learning paradigm if we cannot let go of the ideas that underpin it? How can we ever fully realise what new technologies make possible if we don’t apply new thinking, from new perspectives, to find new.. and exciting insights about what schooling could, and possibly should, be.’

In order to develop ‘pedagogical magic’ should the use of technology be an essential ingredient?  Well – as someone who has been lucky enough to observe lots of teachers – I know that you don’t need technology for the ‘magic’ to happen – but there are so many exciting and progressive instructional techniques – that really engage students – in their world and for their future – we would be mad not to explore the possibilities. Don’t you think? And isn’t that exciting? The possibilities…

How often does the leadership in your school allow you to trial new methods of instruction?


How does the leadership in your school allow you to develop pedagogical magic? The following Ted Talk explores one way of teaching this… It’s an old one… But the message is clear. For the magic to happen it’s all about knowing your children. Where they come from… Where they are going?

Finally… What does 21st century pedagogy look like? Does it look like this?



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